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What To Expect From ‘5G’ In 2019!!!

5G is expected to be the next wireless revolution. The technology is being designed to meet the massive needs for data and connectivity in today’s society and the billions of connected devices soon. The success of the Internet of Things also depends on 5G, which will have latency as low…

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Telecom Training in Kolkata/Patna, Jaipur, Delhi, India

Telecom industry has taken a huge stride in the past few decades and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing industries by today. Telecommunication engineering has a wide scope ranging from a discipline centered on electrical and computer engineering to wireless technologies such as radio communications and radar.…

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Telecom Services

Arden Telecom is one of the most renowned telecom companies in India. With clients like Tata, Reliance, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Idea, Wipro, Ericsson etc. we have the pleasure of being the leader in software and cellular industry. And we have successfully managed to keep this tag with us for past 10 years.

Telecommunication industry is growing at its fastest pace and TSP is a type of telecommunication services provider that traditionally provides telephonic and similar services. Arden Telecom is a TSP that deals with local exchange carriers, mobile wireless communication companies. Also we deal in a vast range of hardware products which includes video broadcasting satellites to telephone handsets to fiber-optic transmission cables that are used to enable communication across different cities.

Endless demands from the customers for better quality products require the administrator to extend their framework ceaselessly. With the expanded portability of the clients and changing the profile of the endorsers, there is a need to grow scope in zones not generally secured by cell markets, for example, the rural markets. Our vision is to be phenomenal in giving all Network arrangements and that the Solutions given by us must be of fantastic incentive to our clients. To give dependable, practical and convenient Business Solution and meet our client’s desire conveniently and efficiently holds on in our esteemed framework alongside social morals. We have faith in our esteemed framework which includes:

  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • High Quality
  • Ownership
  • On-Time-Deliver

Also we believe in teamwork, as, a good team leads to a great organization. Therefore our culture is about teamwork where we prosper altogether in harmony. Here at Arden Telecom you will find a very positive and healthy environment which will let you feel at ease and help you grow in all dimensions.